Hello Creativity, Meet Entertainment

From concept development to execution, we draw inspiration from everywhere. Our team cultivates ideas that make an impact– taking entertainment and transforming it into something extraordinary.

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Emotion Excellence Innovation Creativity Technology

Crowd of women cheering


  • Energy is created by motion.
  • We make motion using EMOTION.

Our team CARES and we aren’t satisfied with being ordinary. We have more to invest in your event than just our knowledge; we put our hearts into every party we produce. Why? Because for us, your dreams are what we dream about.


  • Go the distance
  • Get every detail

We go the distance for our clients. Our pre-production process is formulated to cover every aspect of your event, from lighting and sound to design and yes, the exact logo in the specific color and size that you want on your photos. You’ll often find us making suggestions for things you’ve never even considered! Our experience and meticulous attention to detail will leave you with plenty of restful sleep before your big day.


  • Always be inspired
  • Inspiration sparks innovation

Innovation is what allows us to bring you life, re-imagined. We offer the latest in entertainment technology, from inviting guests to enter a virtual world or wirelessly connecting a room or even showing you how a simple game of ping pong can be redesigned to look like something you’ve never before experienced. We use what we know today together with what you wouldn’t dream of until tomorrow.


  • Imagination is the competitive edge
  • We imagine

An idea is only the beginning of what it will become. We take ideas and imagine how they can be elevated and enhanced into something remarkable. We want what we offer to be entertaining not because you’re looking at it but because you just can’t look away.


  • We have the power
  • We power forward

Just like that latest i-Phone update, technology upgrades your event beyond just the physical experience. We utilize the latest advances in technological capability to make an already incredible experience astounding. Our programmers have used these applications to integrate social media sharing into our Photo Booths, our technicians have developed virtual reality experiences never before created and our lighting and sound are comprised of state of the art modules. We have the latest so we can bring you the greatest.