Virtual is now reality

They say perception is reality and in fact, they’re right. We perceived a world where cutting edge technology could not only support, but enhance the human experience. Embracing virtual existence has led us to making a vital impact on the event industry.

Replace just about any in-person meeting or gathering by reinventing it, virtually!

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Broadcasting Solutions

Corporate functions, private events and fundraising gala’s are now being featured in your own home. We are administering events throughout the country using networks designed to bring the world to you. Our technical directors manage the process of virtual communication for you by combining live video and audio visual output using an integrated platform we’ve developed specifically for high volume streaming. The ability to broadcast from anywhere, to anyone, makes your audience limitless.

Fundraising & Donations

Thankfully, we needn’t miss any opportunities to have a night “out” as we make a contribution to a worthy cause. Fundraising events are an essential component not only to the organizations they benefit but also to the individuals who value making a difference in the world. Our virtual fundraisers have showcased live music, dancing, presentations and live auctions. Customized fundraising support can be featured as part of your specific campaign and may include items like raffles or secured donations. Our team is more committed than ever to helping you help others.

Virtual Entertainment

Virtual entertainment can be incorporated into any meeting or private event OR simply stand alone as the event itself! Our existing interactive entertainment is now framed for a virtual world: we highlight specific talent in private “zoom rooms” and feature live DJs, Photo Booths, musical performances and even novelty talent!